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Journées GDR-MSI & NVMS Spring Symposium 2023

On June 12 and 13, my colleague Ian Anthony and I attended the Journées GDR-MSI 2023 at the LILLIAD center of the University of Lille in France. Ian was invited to give a plenary talk to close the second day, which I was able to chair together with Anouk Galtayries. Both days were filled with interesting talks spanning a wide variety of research subjects with many presenters discussing SIMS results. It was great to reconnect with colleagues in the French IMS community after my days as a postdoc in Alain Brunelle’s group.

A day later, I also attended the 2023 NVMS Spring Symposium at Wageningen Food Safety Research in the Netherlands. Kimberly Garcia and Edith Sandström were also there to get to know the wider Dutch MS community along with a few other M4i colleagues.

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