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Trip to Brazil

In the second half of May, I traveled to Brazil to first visit the Centro de Microscopia of the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, where I thoroughly enjoyed discussing the merits of ToF-SIMS imaging. A special thank you to Prof. Gregory Kitten and his family for showing the great things Belo Horizonte has to offer! Then, I participated in the 101st IUVSTA workshop held in Maresias, situated along the northern coastline of São Paulo state. The workshop centered on advanced SIMS instrumentation and the application of machine learning/artificial intelligence techniques to analyze complex data. The workshop provided a platform for in-depth discussions among leading experts in the field and it was an honor to present an invited talk on the exploration of biological systems using ToF-SIMS imaging through Random Forest machine learning. I extend my gratitude to the workshop committee as a whole, and especially to chair Gustavo F. Trindade.

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